A Very Jonathan Adler Hotel

by admin November 7, 2016 at 7:28 am

Clockwise from left: Winnie Au (3); Maura McEvoy

Next month, the ’50s-era Parker Palm Springs Hotel unveils a top-to-bottom renovation, plus a massive 7-foot-tall bronze banana soon to sit on the main lawn. The designer Jonathan Adler, whose wide-ranging lifestyle empire includes pottery, furniture, lighting and even handbags, says of his first public foray into sculpture, “I felt this urge to make something that was timeless, but also relevant and provocative in the age of Instagram.” (Indeed, the peels, which function as seating, seem ready for their social-media close-up.) But Adler could also be describing the rest of the hotel, which he’s updated in his inimitable cheeky and cheery fashion. Given the town’s increasing popularity, travelers have no shortage of hotel options, so he sought to make this one “the perfect fantasy of what a Palm Springs house should be.”

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