Amanda Bynes Denies She's Pregnant and Getting Married via Her Verified Twitter Account

by admin February 15, 2017 at 1:06 am

Which one is the real ? The “” actress confused fans after a mysterious unverified Twitter account (@PersianLa27) rumored to be run by her to boyfriend Matt on Monday, February 13. In the next day, she hinted at pregnancy by sharing a photo of her at OB-GYN.

Later that day, Amanda, through her verified Twitter account (@amandabynes), denied @PersianLa27 was her. “I am not @persianla27. I am not getting married and I am not pregnant. I don’t understand why twitter won’t take @persianla27 down,” she wrote, “I have asked repeatedly. This person continues to impersonate and harass me and twitter needs to take the account down.”

However, some fans believed @PersianLa27 was the real Amanda as she posted personal and unseen photos of the actress.

A fan commented, “@amandabynes @PersianLa27 This feels odd. How is that account getting your personal photos? But no pics here in a year? Is everything ok?” A second fan wrote, “How does she get all these unseen pics of you then?” A third fan added, “Confused ’cause this twitter is verified, but the other one has photos only the real Amanda Bynes would have.”

Another fan asked Amanda to post a video to prove that she’s the real one, writing, “You should post a video saying it!”

Earlier in the day, @PersianLa27 claimed that her parents banned her from social media. “My parents and lawyer are the only ones with access to @amandabynes! They have banned me from using any sort or form of social media!” she tweeted, “My ‘parents’ & THEIR lawyer have banned me from social media and have banned me from access to my $10.7 million dollar fortune!”

She added a photo of her at the OB-GYN along with caption, “Happy Valentines Day! At the gynos office with Matt to see if I am indeed pregnant! The home test says I am but I need a 2nd opinion!!”


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