Caitlyn to the Rescue? Kris Jenner’s Not Happy With Her Ex’s Return to ‘KUWTK’

by admin November 14, 2016 at 9:11 am

is rumored to be back on “” to increase the show’s ratings. A source tells OK! magazine, “E! is insisting that Caitlyn comes back because she adds a lot of drama.”

But at least one person is not happy with Caitlyn’s supposed return to the reality TV series. The magazine points out on its headline, “Cait’s return riles Kris [Jenner].” They’re both not sitting well with each other, an insider says. “Every time they’re in a room together, Kris tenses up and reaches for the wine. She’s still in a lot of pain. The way Cait handled their split was petty and ugly,” the source adds.

Moreover, Caitlyn’s relationship with , and is still rocky, though she remains close to her biological daughters and .

The tabloid’s tipster further adds, “Kris has asked that Cait film scenes apart from her. The situation is making Kris sick, but she knows she has no choice.”

However, has debunked the story. A representative for assures fans that the tabloid’s report is “not true.” Neither E! is asking Caitlyn to be back on the show nor the Kardashian matriarch is opposing the idea.


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