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The Look: Capturing Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way

the look Love isn’t always black and white, and photographer Andre Wagner shows the range of the emotion through his gray-scale images. Andre Wagner, a photographer, explains his process photographing the people in his neighborhood.CreditAndre...

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The Rise and Fall of Yik Yak, the Anonymous Messaging App

There was no comment from Mr. Hurley’s lawyer. The lawsuit was just the latest twist in the rocky road the messaging app has traveled in its short life. Continue reading the main story In March 2014, a school in Massachusetts evacuated...

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The Second Biggest Fashion Show in Cannes

“We had to fight with the embassy to get him here,” Mr. Plein said before the show, lounging in his silver and white living room, wearing a Philipp Plein white T-shirt with a neon green dollar sign as the logo, drooping faded Philipp...

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Fendi’s Gift to Rome: A Sculpture Shaped Like a Tree

The public art piece is also a way for the company to further bind its name “to Rome and to Italian beauty because we believe the Fendi brand is 100 percent made in Italy,” Mr. Beccari added. He said that when he arrived at Fendi in...

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Pippa Middleton Marries James Matthews in England

In what the British tabloid media have described as “the wedding of the year,” Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of the future queen of England, was married on Saturday in a ceremony attended by the next generation of Britain’s...