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by admin 6 months ago

On Soccer: A City Laid Low, Its Team Even Lower

For the last few years, Sunderland has flirted with relegation almost habitually, firing and hiring managers while locked into an apparently unbreakable cycle of despair followed by last-gasp rescue. Now, as Andy Dawson, a lifelong fan...

by admin 6 months ago

World Series: Here’s How the Chicago Cubs Won Game 6

Arrieta, who earned his second victory of the series, went five and two-thirds innings, allowing three hits and two earned runs. He struck out nine and walked three. The results were not as pretty for Tomlin, who lasted just two and a...

by admin 6 months ago

In Exile From the Knicks, but Still at Home in Cleveland

“I’ve been through a lot here,” Oakley said. “I’ve seen a lot.” Oakley splits his time among Cleveland, Atlanta and New York, where he has a studio apartment outside the city. But his 81-year-old mother, Corine, still lives...

by admin 6 months ago

‘How Much Suffering Can You Take?’

‘If You Have to Ask, You Will Never Know’ All that misery and more menaced the competitors who had decided, for their own unfathomable reasons, that a single Ironman race was not enough. They had entered an endurance event called the...