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by admin 5 months ago

Start thinking like a startup

Mona Bijoor Crunch Network Contributor Mona Bijoor is the founder and chief executive of JOOR, an online wholesale clothing marketplace. More posts by this contributor: How to join the network Shifts in a rapidly...

by admin 5 months ago

Putting the “intelligent” machine in its place

Recent issues around machine learning biases and ethics make it clear that math and data can only take us so far. The recent fake news debacle and the efforts of some top researchers in natural language processing to address it show...

by admin 6 months ago

Here’s what we know about the Nintendo Switch

What? The Nintendo Switch, the convertible console formally known as the NX. The product walks the line between a home and portable console, courtesy of a docking tablet and a pair of detachable controllers that work in a number of different...

by admin 6 months ago

VSCO shuts down its New York office

Instagram competitor and visual arts technology company VSCO has closed up shop in New York and laid off all staff, TechCrunch has learned and the company confirmed. The decision was made in order to centralize staff at the company’s...

by admin 6 months ago

The future is a decentralized internet

Blockchain technology is quickly expanding beyond bitcoin. While many proponents of bitcoin see the blockchain as no more than competition for existing payment methods or gold, I believe blockchain technology is the harbinger of things...