Find Out What May Happen to Iron Man's Suit in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

by admin May 14, 2017 at 5:23 am

took to Facebook on Friday, May 12 to tease a possible major change to Iron Man’s armor in “”. Robert shared a photo of an Asgardian version of the Iron Man suit. He captioned it, “Nobody does armor like Asgard.”

A fan commented, “Guys, remember Avengers: Earth’s mightiest heroes episode when Loki got Odin’s powers and the Avengers went to Asgard and Tony build an asgardian armor out of uru with the help of Eitri the dwarf? What if he will do it in Infinity War also to stand up against Thanos and Peter Dinklage (who is rumoured to have a role) will actually play Eitri? Wouldn’t that be something?”

On Saturday, however, Robert posted a picture of an Iron Man armor printed on suit with a bow tie. “Talk about a super suit!” he wrote, seemingly responding to a fan theory about the Iron Man suit.

Fans who want to know about Iron Man’s new suit can join a contest held by Robert. The winner will join the “” actor on the set of the next “Avengers” film.


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