Lindsay Lohan Gets Ridiculed for Bizarre New Accent. This Is How She Speaks Now

by admin November 2, 2016 at 7:10 am

Maybe just spent way too much time in Europe. The actress surprised everyone when she recently showed off a bizarre new accent as she spoke to some reporters at the launch of her nightclub in Greece.

As heard in a video below, the 30-year-old beauty used a very different and weird way of speaking as she chatted about the joy she found while staying in the country. She also mentioned her rumored boyfriend Dennis Papageorgiou, who co-owns the club, and launched a passionate speech about refugees, but her new accent clearly overshadowed everything she was saying.

“Trying to think who she is mimicking not her usual voice,” one Twitter user commented on the clip. “Lol…she’s speaking as if English is her second language,” another user wrote. “Is she trying to sound Greek? She looks horrible and is just a sad case,” another added.

But Lindsay still had a number of fans who came to her defense. “The girl has changed that’s what traveling will do for you. I’m happy that positivity has taken over!!” one fan said. Another argued, “She’s American but really Irish Italian, that must explain the new accent.”

After making lots of headlines for her run-ins with the law, Lindsay left her problems in the U.S. behind for a brand new life in London. She lived in the city with her now-ex-fiance Egor Tarabasov and she began spending most of her time in Greece following their split last summer.


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