OFF THE MARKET Swedish man's eBay offer to wed anti-Trumper nixed

by admin November 13, 2016 at 7:43 am

The auction site eBay reportedly removed a post from a Swedish man looking for quick cash by marrying an upset American leaving the country in the wake of Donald Trump’s Tuesday election victory.

Gustav Hallén offered his hand in marriage — and Swedish citizenship — for a cool $50,000. He wrote that he was in “overall good physical health and a fine specimen,” despite some “minor eye problems.”

Hallén said he wanted to lighten the mood online. “It felt like a fun thing for my friends on Facebook: the feeling there was so gloomy I thought I could maybe take the problem on from another angle, with a lot of irony, and invite people to laugh a bit instead,” he told The Local.

His offer continued, “Why not move to a better place, like Sweden? Open for all suggestions female, male and others.”

The website apparently felt otherwise. Hallén told SBS eBay informed him: “You are not allowed to sell freedom, (and) you’re not allowed to sell people.”

A slew of celebrities had vowed to leave the United States in protest after Trump won. Cher threatened to move to outer space. 

There was no official comment from eBay.

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