Rainn Wilson Joins 'Star Trek: Discovery' to Bring Back This Original Character

by admin April 1, 2017 at 3:47 am

“” has added another new member. (“”) is signed up for the upcoming CBS All Access series as the iconic Harry Mudd. He is an intergalactic con artist played by Roger C. Carmel on the original TV show.

will star as Captain Lorca who helms Starship Discovery, as the Starfleet captain Georgiou, as Starfleet science officer Lt. Saru, Anthony Rapp as astromycologist Lt. Stamets, and as Spock’s father.

The first “Star Trek” series since “Star Trek: Enterprise” ended in 2005, the new show is rumored to take place years before the events of the original series. It is separate from the timeline of the rebooted film franchise that stars , and .

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