Transition Briefing: Trump Adds Cabinet Selections While Conservatives Block Women in the Draft

by admin November 29, 2016 at 6:21 pm

Under President Obama, the agency that runs Medicare and Medicaid has also led efforts to carry out the Affordable Care Act, supervising most of the online marketplaces where people can buy health insurance and obtain subsidies to help cover the cost.

Abortion rights groups in full panic.

Planned Parenthood and Naral Pro-Choice America know Mr. Price well — and they know he is their enemy.

From his perch as chairman of the House Budget Committee, Mr. Price led efforts to withdraw federal funding from Planned Parenthood and impose more restrictions on abortion. Medical research on embryonic stem cells could be endangered as well, and some forms of contraception could be in for rough sledding.

Conservatives, especially colleagues of Mr. Price in the House, have rallied strongly to his side. Not so the abortion rights community.

Chris Christie wants you to know he has a job.

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey was once in the running for something big in the Trump administration, possibly attorney general. But since he was driven out of the transition, his name rarely surfaces.

At his first press conference since his ouster, he let reporters know why.

“For some reason people think I’m equivocal about this, and I’m not. I am completing my term. Now I said this on the radio last week, and some people said it was equivocal because I said if a president of the United States comes to you and asks you to do something, you don’t say no before they even ask.

“I am telling you that I am completing my term. Now, I will also tell you that if something extraordinary happens in the world where my service is needed, I will consider any requests that are made. That’s not being equivocal about it. That’s understanding what the real world is.”

Well, now that Mr. Christie cleared that up …

Communiqués, in the form of tweets, on flag burning and citizenship.

Mr. Trump on Tuesday used one tweet to make two proposals the Supreme Court has long since ruled unconstitutional: barring protesters from burning the American flag and stripping people of their American citizenship.

Even if Mr. Trump could persuade Congress to enact a criminal statute making such a shift in the balance between government power and individual rights, anyone convicted and sentenced under it could point to clear Supreme Court precedents to make the case that the new law violated the Constitution.

In a landmark 1989 case, Texas v. Johnson, the Supreme Court struck down criminal laws banning flag burning, ruling that the act was a form of political expression protected by the First Amendment. And in a 1967 case, Afroyim v. Rusk, the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution does not allow the government to take away Americans’ citizenship against their will.

In an extended rant, Trump goes after CNN.

It started just after 9 p.m. Monday and kept coming: The man who will lead the free world could not stop attacking CNN.

Or rather, he kept affirming other attackers, by retweeting posts from one user who described himself as an “unbiased, unfiltered voice against Islamist Terror & Stupidity on the far left AND far right!”; by another who defined himself as “Family, God, country, Patriot, 2-A, Harley Owner. Siberian husky Lover. Certified R.V. Tech”; and by a 16-year-old fan of the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Angels, Anaheim Ducks and Charlotte Hornets.

First came:




And finally a composition of his own:

As Mr. Trump noted, the certification of his win in Michigan did give him a comfortable edge, 306 Electoral College votes of the needed 270, but a landslide seems like a stretch. Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead climbed overnight to 2,332,814, nearly five times Al Gore’s margin over George W. Bush in 2000. At 1.7 percentage points, her margin is the largest for a losing presidential candidate since 1876.

Mr. Trump did add one coda to his overnight rant. Around 6:30 a.m., he concluded:

A 2016 post-mortem.

Still hankering to understand what happened in the election that shocked the news media, the pundits and much of America?

Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster, has your rundown. Hint: Demographics are not destiny when anger at the status quo drives parts of the electorate.

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